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Dissolve Parliament and hold general elections 18.Mar.2023

United People's Power Request to Govt

If the government is not able to manage the country now, we insist on dissolving the parliament and holding general elections, United People's Shakti Member of Parliament SM Marikar said.

He said that after the change of government, the current secretary of the finance ministry will have to go to jail.

He said this at the press conference held yesterday (16) at the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

When he further stated in this regard,

"Despite the successful conduct of the strike, the President's media unit continued to publish news as if nothing had happened.

The President must understand that this is not a fight to popularize his media unit. We agree in principle that the revenue of the government should be increased. However, the current tax policy introduced by the government is not fair. Therefore, we urge the implementation of the tax policy introduced by the then finance minister Mangala Samaraweera in the good governance government.

The government should listen to the demands made by the trade unions. After tax and interest rates have been hiked in the name of increasing government revenue, steps have been taken to sell off even profit-making government agencies and departments. This can never be allowed. If he is unable to govern the country, we urge him to dissolve Parliament and go for general elections," he said.