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Ali Sabry Raheem engaged in political game: SF 25.May.2023

MP Ali Sabry Raheem has engaged in a political game by voting against the resolution to remove the chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, SJB MP Field Marshal Sarath Fokseka charged today.

“Ali Sabry Raheem who was charged with smuggling gold was made to vote against the government to show that he was not being safeguarded by the government. The MP was made to vote against the resolution as a political game. We vehemently oppose the presence of MP Ali Sabry Raheem in this House after smuggling gold,” Field Marshal Fonseka said.

He said the incident of Pastor Jerome who made provocative statements is also being used to gain political mileage.

“We would like to tell the people not to be misled by these kinds of episodes,” MP Fonseka said.

Also the MP defended the Aragalaya and said a peaceful unarmed revolution is needed to put the country on the right track. 

“I know some MPs are scared of the aragalaya. This is why they blame the Aragalaya members for rape of minors and running brothels,”  he alleged.